Visit the home of Finding Nemo -- The Australia Great Barrier Reef! Meet the builders of Nemo's home and some of Nemo's friends.

The program begins with an introduction and demonstration of the specialized equipment used on our underwater adventure. Two children are chosen from the audience to demonstrate the high-tech Aqua Lung® SCUBA equipment we use to explore Nemo's home -- the Australia Great Barrier Reef, including our awesome underwater scooters!

After the SCUBA demonstration, we show how Nemo's home, the coral reef, was built. We build a coral reef on stage using castings of the actual corals from the Great Barrier Reef! Another demonstration uses specially designed corals, that nest one inside another, to show how corals grow.

After the demonstrations, undersea explorers, Wayne and Karen Brown, take your patrons on their exciting adventure, via a fascinating high-derfinition, digital multi-image presentation, to explore the largest living organism on earth, the Australia Great Barrier Reef...and the home of Nemo, from the Disney/Pixar movie, Finding Nemo,!

In this multi-image presentation we take your young patrons "Down Under" to the country of Australia. To meet the Nemo and his friends your patrons are invited to join the Browns on the expedition boat where they meet the captain and divemaster. As they accompany Wayne and Karen on a scuba dive, your patrons see the incredible diversity of life on the largest coral reef on earth. Your patrons will see how a coral reef is built. Your patrons also meet the Nemo and some of his underwater friends from Finding Nemo. We see a fascinating variety of marine creatures big and small, from the most docile to the most dangerous. Your patrons learn about the special relationships between different creatures. They also learn how some fishes protect themselves from predators and search for food. Near the end of our dive we come face-to-face with some of the so-called "dangerous" marine animals such as moray eels, stingrays, and sharks!

After the multi-image presentation, the audience will discover what a coral polyp looks like when you are the size of the microscopic plankton eaten by coral polyps! They will come face-to-face with an 8-foot tall inflatable coral polyp. At the end of the presentation a brief time is set aside to answer your patrons' questions and allow them to touch models and try on our SCUBA gear.

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