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The Expedition Library is your resource center for information and links to web sites
that relate to places, people, animals and other things we will be investigating.


Hawaiian Islands, Line Islands and French Polynesia Locator Map

Hawaiian Islands Map

Islands of Hawaii

Line Islands Map

Tahiti and Her islands

Islands of French Polynesia


Suggested Reading Book List

Find Out More About:
The Expedition Team
The Hawaiian Islands
Kiribati Islands
CUBA Diving
Marine Biology

Answers to Kids' Questions
SCUBA Diving
Marine Life

World Wide Web Links

Expedition Sponsors and Partners

AQUA LUNG (Scuba Diving Equipment)

Hawaiian Islands Information:

Hawaiian Islands Tourist Board

Keck Telescopes Information:
• W.M. Keck Observatory

Kiribati Information:

General Kiribati Information

Jane's Kiribati Home Page

Christmas (Kiritimati) Island Information:
• Jane's Christmas (Kiritimati) Island Information

French Polynesia Information:

Tahiti and Her Islands Tourist Board

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