Meet the Expedition Team

The Looking for Nemo Expedition is part of an expedition that starts in the Hawaiian Islands and ends in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

A large expedition requires many people to make it successful. Meet the expedition team members and learn about some of their duties during this expedition:

Wayne Brown - The Ocean Adventure Internet Expedition Leader (Clipper Odyssey Expedition Staff Marine Biologist/ Underwater Photographer): Wayne is on this expedition as a guest lecturer, Zodiac driver, underwater photographer/videographer, assistant snorkeling instructor, audio-visual specialist, and expedition staff member. Wayne has a degree in Ecology and Environmental Science from the University of California at Irvine.

Karen Brown - The Ocean Adventure Internet Expedition Co-Leader (Clipper Odyssey Expedition Staff Marine Naturalist, Snorkeling Instructor/Underwater Photographer): Karne is on this expedition as a guest lecturer, snorkeling instructor, assistant underwater photographer, and expedition staff member. Karen has a degree in Sociology from the Wells College in Aurora, New York.

John "Little John" Yersin - (Clipper Odyssey Expedition Leader): John is expedition leader. This means that he is charge of the expedition. The only person more important than the expedition leader is the captain of the ship. John decides if it is safe for us to take our Zodiacs exploring and visiting the remote islands we will find during our trip. With the captain, John decides where we will go, what we will do, and how long we can stay at each place we visit. John is a retired micobiologist from England.

John "Big John" Kernan - (Clipper Odyssey Expedition Staff): John was an expedition staff member for our 2001 Internet expedition, The Russian Kuril Islands Expedition. John works as an expedition naturalist, lecturer and leader on expeditions all around the world. John has worked for the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. John is on this expedition as a naturalist, guest lecturer, Zodiac driver, and expedition staff member. John has a degree in marine biology/zoology from Humbolt State University in California. John lives in San Francisco, California

Ingrid Visser - (Clipper Odyssey Expedition Staff Marine Biologist): Ingrid works as a marine biologist, lecturer and leader on expeditions all around the world. Ingrid is on this expedition as a marine biologist, guest lecturer, Zodiac driver, and expedition staff member. Ingrid has her PhD in marine biology from the University of New Zealand. Ingrid lives in New Zealand and is the most famous orca scientist in New Zealand. You can visit Ingrid's orca rescue and research organization at:

Lynn Danaher (Clipper Odyssey Expedition Staff/ Anthropologist): Lynn is our expedition anthropologist. Lynn will be lecturing about the culutral aspects of the places and people we will meet. Lynn is a former Alaskan fisherman and Washington whale watching operator. Lynn lives in Seattle, Washington and Kauai, Hawaii.

David Price (Clipper Odyssey Expedition Staff/Artist-in-Residence): David is musician and artist. David will be helping the expedition staff. He is working as the artist-in-residence during the expedition. David will be teaching art classes and presenting piano concerts. David lives in England.

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