Still More Cruising the Pacific Ocean

Location: Somewhere in the Central Pacific Ocean (between Hawaii and Christmas Islands)

Day 15
by Wayne & Karen Brown

We are into our third day of cruising without land in sight. We are all ready to see land. It's getting boring looking at nothing but water for three days. Fortunately, tomorrow we will arrive at our first stop -- Christmas Island!

Christmas Island is owned by the government of Kiribati (KEAR-AH-BAHSS), as is Palmyra Island that we hoped to visit yesterday. The Kiribati government has no problem with us visiting Christmas Island because it is not an uninhabited nature preserve as Palmyra Island is.

We will be exploring parts of Christmas Island underwater, tomorrow, so we need to get all the staff and passengers ready for snorkeling. After lunch we give a snorkeling lesson for passengers and hand out snorkeling masks, fins, and snorkels.

Join us tomorrow as we find out if Christmas Island is Santa Claus's summer vacation home...We will also be looking for Nemo, too!

Best Fishes,
Wayne & Karen Brown


Central Pacific Ocean
(Between Hawaii and Christmas Islands)

Position: 3º 11' N / 158º 05' W
Air Temp: 82ºF
Weather: light breeze, clear skies with scattered clouds
Sea Conditions: slightly choppy seas

Karen and Wayne give a snorkeling lesson to Clipper passengers on deck.


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