Expedition Schedule

Location: Irvine, California

December 7, 2001
by Wayne and Karen Brown

We are organizing and testing all our equipment, buying last-minute items, and trying to pack a house-full of equipment (cameras, computer, scuba diving equipment, underwater scooters) and clothing into six bags for our airplane trip tomorrow to Belize and the start of our expedition.

We have finalized our expedition schedule so we have a plan of where we are going and when. Even after all our planning and preparation our expedition schedule can change because of boat, plane, or car troubles, changes in weather, or other things that can happen that we didn't plan on.

Here is our expedition schedule:

WEEK 1 - Arrive in Belize, scuba dive day and night along Belize's barrier reef onboard Belize Aggressor III, look for dolphins, stingrays, and sharks. We will be studying the health of the coral reefs and trying to find out if anything is affecting the health of the reefs here.

WEEK 2 - Visit the Belize Zoo, setup our jungle base camp at Ian Andersen's Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge, explore Belize caves, paddle down jungle rivers, mountain bike in rainforests, climb Mayan ruins, look for snakes, jaguars, and birds. We will be comparing the rainforest ecosystem to the coral reef ecosystem and looking for ways the reef and rainforest may be connected to and affect each other.

WEEK 3 & 4 - Onboard Nantucket Clipper, explore Belize islands/ cayes, hike though rainforests, float down jungle rivers, fly to Mayan ruins in Guatemala, swim with dolphins on the island of Roatan, Honduras, look for manatees, and birds. 'We will look at how the above and below water animals and ecosystems are connected to each other.

We are excited and a little nervous about leaving for our expedition. On an expedition ever goes completely as we have planned, so we hope that only surprises we have are good ones.

Welcome to the start of this year's adventure,
From the Jungle to the Sea Expedition!
Wayne & Karen Brown


Week 1 - We will be onboard the Belize Aggressor III to study the underwater ecosystem of the Belize barrier reef.

Week 2 - Our jungle base camp will be at Ian Anderson's Jungle Lodge in the Belize rainforest. From here we will explore rainforests, rivers, caves and Maya temples.

Week 3 & 4 - Onboard the Nantucket Clipper we will travel to Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. We will study the reefs, rainforests, people, culture and history.


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