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Welcome to Teacher's Link. Here is where you can find answers to many of the questions that your students will be asking you and we will be asking your students.

Background Information Pages more in depth information about some of the topics we will be investigating. this section will be continually updated during our expedition.

Data Pages are actual pages of data from manatee researchers we are working with. You can print out these pagesand use for your class. This page will continually be updated during our expedition.

Activity Pages are pages that you can print out and use for your class. This page will continually be updated during our expedition.

Classroom Discussion presents topics for discussion that we have presented in our expedition review. We offer suggestions in leading your class in discussion about topics that can affect the survival and protection of manatees.

Exploration: A theme or our expedition is exploration. Use our expedition to have your class look at explorers, past and present. There are many ways you can tie explorers into the subjects you are presenting to your students. We hope our explorations and investigations will spark additional insights in you and your students.

Background Information Pages

• Wetlands

• Manatee Rescue Team

• Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins State Historic Site

Data Pages

• Ms. Kleen's Manatee Aerial Survey - 1/26/99

Activity Pages

• Habitat Activity Page

• Habitat Activity Answers Page

Classroom Discussion

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Meet the Manatee Kids

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