Meet the Manatee Experts

Meet Ms. Joyce Kleen:

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Married: No

Kids: No

Pets: A German Shepherd dog named Tana and a ferret named Kato.

University Graduated from:
North Carolina State University (BS in Wildlife Biology)

Job Title: Wildlife Biologist

Employer: U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Refuge System

How long on job: 8 years. Before I came to Crystal River I worked for 2 years as the assistant refuge manager at a refuge in New Jersey. Before that I worked for 7 years as a biologist at another refuge in Boyton Beach, FL.

What my job is: Doing the surveys of wildlife in the refuge, responsible for counting the manatees. Contributing writer of the Annual Narrative Report of the refuge. Involved in planning the management of the refuge.

What I like best about my job: Anything outdoors!

What don't like most about my job: The paperwork!

What kids would have to study in school to get a job like mine: Read as much as possible. When you are old enough, start volunteering to help people and wildlife in your neighborhood. After high school, or during college, get into a cooperative education program where you can work or volunteer in the field that interests you the most. This will put you way ahead of the other young people looking for the very same job.

Favorite Sport: Tennis

Hobbies: Photography, hiking, camping

Favorite TV show: JAG

Goals: In my job, I would like to see more cooperation among the various agencies and groups and companies concerned about wildlife. For instance, I belong to a special group of people from different state and federal organizations. We get together to talk about how the Florida black bear can be protected. In our area there are only about 15-20 of these bears left. With the help of lots of peopl e from different organizations we can work together. We can share ideas and money and do what is best for the bears. The same can be done with other animals, too.

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