Meet the Manatee Experts

Meet Mr. Dean Easton:

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Married: Yes

Kids: No

University Graduated from:
University of Florida (M.S. - Wildlife Ecology)

Job Title: Wildlife Biologist

Employer: U.S. Geological Survey - Biological Resources Division - Sirenia Project

How long on job: 9 years

What my job is: Collecting and analyzing data regarding the habitat, migrations,and populations of manatees.

What I like best about my job: The contact with the manatees. Being able to get in the water and work with them. Also enjoy computer work, analyzing the tracking data and studying the manatees' habitat.

What don't like most about my job: The paperwork!

What kids would have to study in school to get a job like mine: Science and math.

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